Standard Products

Slip ring applications include robots,CCTV, turntable, rotating-axis,medical equipment etc.

MT - Through Bore Slip Rings

MT - Through Bore Slip Rings+

  • MAPH-Fliud/Electrical Slip Rings

    MAPH-Fliud/Electrical Slip Rings

    Pneumatic/Hydraulic+Electric slip ring is rotating device that can transmit electric and gas or o...

  • MFO-FiberOptic/Electrical


    MFO series fiber optic slip ring is an optic + electromechanical device that allows the transmiss...

  • MG - Stator Flange Slip Rings

    MG - Stator Flange Slip Rings

    MG series  slip ring is a general name for the slip ring with stator part connecting flange.&...

  • MMC - Miniature Slip Rings

    MMC - Miniature Slip Rings

    MMC series slip rings are Miniature with OD 12.5mm or smaller.(See other Miniature type slip...

  • MC - Capsule Slip Rings

    MC - Capsule Slip Rings

    Capsule slip ring is a general name for those slip rings with round flange attached with housing. C...



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Focused on Slip Rings for 15 years,8000 squares,300 employees.


MOFLON has strong&professional research and development teams. for many years,relying on our rich experience of slip ring, unique designing concept, advanced testing technique, accumulation of advanced technique and equipment, we are always keeping top level of slip ring technology on the worldwide.

Test Equipments

Details determine success or failure. With professional manufacture and years of experience, MOFLON is very confident about the quality of the products. As manager Peter said “our customers have a lot of confidence in the reliability and stability of MOFLON slip rings”...

Quality Management

From the foundation of MOFLON, we always persist in the most demanding quality,  and devote to build a high-end and well-known slip ring brand all over the world. Over many years of accumulation of valuable field experience, MOFLON has been keeping continuous innovation, improvement and testing, which makes MOFLON to be a high-end brand in this world. 


At past 30 years, We provide high performance and robust slip rings for worldwide ,  Our slip rings have been successfully performing in commercial and industrial applications for over 30 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 20 years. These slip rings are developed for high performance environments and flexible requirements. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems. W...

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